What is a 500 word descriptive essay about?

There are a lot of interesting subjects for producing a great 500 word essay. Nevertheless, you should choose a narrow topic for your work. Thus, you will not have any difficulties with reaching the required word count. The most efficient way to produce a superior paper is cover the topic completely and meet the imposed requirements.

While preparing a 500 word essay outline, take into account the following points:

It’s generally accepted to go a few words over but when the essay is fairly short like this one, try not to go under the specified word count. Take full advantage of the 500 words you have the opportunity to use to get your point across.

A proper 500-word essay should consist of following paragraphs:

Usually, 500 word essays consist of the following parts:

When writing this section, you have to be sure that the presented data relate to the topic. Furthermore, your opinion should be supported by strong arguments. For this reason, you should use quotations and cite illustrative examples. In order to prepare a top-notch 500 word college essay, you should start with covering its chief points. Then, you may describe the weak ones. However, you may also do everything vice versa. Actually, the last variant is more suitable for exploring the subject and leading readers to the concluding part.

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It is evident that the body paragraph of the 500 word essay that follows must indicate the reasons why you stated your opinion in such a way. The topic sentence, meaning the first sentence of the paragraph, should indicate concisely the reasons that you have for holding your opinion. For instance, a 500 word essay example body paragraph would be “First of all, recycling bins help protect the environment. They urge the citizens to separate their litter thanks to their availability, and in this way less inorganic waste is disposed of. Moreover, they also have a positive impact on people’s awareness. Everyone who passes a recycling bin willingly or unwillingly thinks about their own contribution to the impending environmental problems”. Notice how in the given 500 word essay example provides two valid, specific and very different reasons to support the idea. At the same time, further, structuring is given to the passage by introducing appropriate linking words. The linking words should not be too many, they should be subtle, but still, without them, the paragraph does not seem structured enough.

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Any 500 word essay example would confirm that an introduction of a short essay must not contain any long introductory statements or explain the current situation. With one sentence, you should clearly indicate your point or express your opinion. An example could be the topic of “Recycling bins in my city”. The introduction to this topic must contain one single sentence explaining if you approve or disapprove of the recycling bins in your area. You may begin with the following sentence: “The city of Newtown has a lot of perks for its citizens, one of them definitely being the recycling bins available in all areas.”

All students need to complete different academic tasks, including writing 500 words in their essays

When you prepare for your 500 word essay, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Think out of the box. Research material is of paramount importance. The authenticity of information would give your essay some clout. If you have referenced from reliable sources, say it and refer to it. This would generate more interest and add credibility. Always look for essay help from sources you are familiar with or are sure are genuine sources of information.