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Larry West, a professional writer and editor, in his, “The basics of secondhand smoke and its effect on human health”, argues that tobacco smoke does not only affect tobacco smokers, but it also affects nonsmokers through secondary smoking (1). Secondhand smoke occurs when nonsmokers involuntarily inhale cigar smoke exhaled by smokers or from a burning cigar. Larry notes that over 4,000 chemicals are contained within cigarette smoke of which more than 50 are capable of causing cancer in man. He observes that of these 4,000 chemicals, at least 250 are either carcinogenic or toxic. Because of this harm, Manish Rajkoomar in his article, “Essay on should smoking be banned in public places”, argues that it is justified for the government to ban tobacco smoking in public places (1). He notes that although, by the time the smoke reaches a nonsmoker, it is already diluted; the dilution does not make it less harmful. That is, when a nonsmoker stays in a smoky room for up to half an hour, the same would have more or less the same carbon monoxide concentration in the blood as the smoker.

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If crafting a smoking speech, I’d also mention that cigarette industries are a corruption zone whereby they sponsor distractive researchers and corrupt modern media, magazine which depend on their advertisements revenue to promote this harmful behavior. Besides, most victims confess that smoking is disgusting and harmful to their health and hence struggle to quit the habit. The conclusion to your smoking cigarettes essay may include the following idea: A tobacco ban would help them to quit smoking, especially now that tobacco is not a recreational drug.

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Here are a few ideas for your smoking effects essay. Every cigarette scars the lungs of a smoker and can result in tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Studies have shown that smoking cigar increases the risks of optic nerve damage, cataract and age relate muscular degeneration leading to blindness. Essay for smoking should also include that the smoke from tobacco consists of more than seven thousand chemicals which are likely to trigger cancer formation in the individual who engages in smoking. Therefore, nicotine is addictive which make the tobacco smokers to continue with the behavior irrespective of the side effects encountered. Only a tobacco ban can address these health concerns and behaviors.