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Offers individual and couples counseling/coaching in Colorado Springs as well as telephonically for those dealing with pornography and its effects; also available for adolescents, with the coordination of their parents. The program also provides Catholic Men’s Teleconference, a confidential telephonic men’s program for support in working steps towards healing and recovery from sexual addictions, and Intimacy Restored Intensives, a three-day workshop (Intensive Outpatient Treatment – IOT) in Colorado Springs for couples to begin the process of healing from issues related to pornography or sexual behavior.

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The treatment of addiction is a very complex, and individualized form of psychotherapy. The reason I am choosing to write my research paper on addiction counseling is because my older brother has suffered from chemical dependency for many years. He has been in and out of several different treatment programs and centers, as well as several post treatment living facilities and still struggles with his addiction to this day. I would like to better understand the history of treatment, and hopefully become a more effective person my brother can rely on when he is in need of emotional support. Because of the experiences I have endured through my brother’s struggles, I have already been exposed to many different forms of literature and have also taken part in many different group therapy sessions in order to help my brother achieve independence.
From my simple research over the past week, I have found that there have been many advances in the form of treating chemical dependency. The most commonly well-known form of treatment is the use of the 12-step program, in which people who suffer from dependency issues admit that they do have a problem, renounce that lifestyle, apologize to those they have wronged and accept that there is a higher power. All though this has been a program that has worked for thousands of people, many psychologists now reject this form of treatment, as it is not at all individualized to the patient and involves a forced religious aspect which many patients are not comfortable with.
A few articles I have found in the library also indicate that there is a lack of requirements needed for those who hold the responsibility of treating patients with chemical dependency issues. One such author, addresses the complexity of dealing with these patients stating, “The demands placed on the substance abuse counselor today are far more difficult today than they were in the past. Today’s substance abuse counselor must work not...

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Families that are affected by addiction can often be tense, painful and frightening experience for young children. The family can be put under a lot of stress and people’s emotions get minimized as the pain of what they live in is denied. The family support system breaks down and children lose sense of what is ‘normal’. As the adults around them struggle to regulate their emotions, the child learns abnormal ways to deal with the chaos around them and struggle to make sense of what is happening around them. The family’s routine begins to revolve around the addict and the children end up fending for themselves.

Getting started with SMART Recovery is easy! If you would like to get started right away, you can where you can read, share and learn from our worldwide community of members at any time of the day or night. Our message board includes a private Sexual Maladaptive Behaviors Forum for people dealing with issues of sexual addiction. No information posted there is available to, or shared with, the rest of the SMART Message Board.