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Henry James, OM 15 April 1843 ..

James's work has remained steadily popular with the limited audience of educated readers to whom he spoke during his lifetime, and has remained firmly in the canon, but, after his death, some American critics, such as , expressed hostility towards James for his long expatriation and eventual naturalisation as a British subject. Other critics such as complained about what they saw as James's squeamishness in the treatment of sex and other possibly controversial material, or dismissed his style as difficult and obscure, relying heavily on extremely long sentences and excessively language. Similarly criticised him for writing "fiction as if it were a painful duty". , composing a canon of American literature, condemned James for having cut himself off from America. wrote about him, "Despite the scruples and delicate complexities of James, his work suffers from a major defect: the absence of life." And , writing to , asked, "Please tell me what you find in Henry James. ... we have his works here, and I read, and I can't find anything but faintly tinged rose water, urbane and sleek, but vulgar and pale as . Is there really any sense in it?" observed that James "never really wrote about the English very well. His English characters don't work for me."

James was one of the more important literary critics in the ..

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The published criticism of James's work has reached enormous proportions. The volume of criticism of The Turn of the Screw alone has become extremely large for such a brief work. The Henry James Review, published three times a year, offers criticism of James's entire range of writings, and many other articles and book-length studies appear regularly. Some guides to this extensive literature can be found on the external sites listed below.