A pair of hoop earrings has a very special effect.

Turner says the purpose of the GED has always been to give high school dropouts a second chance. And they need that second chance now more than ever, he says.

A brother and sister go on an Easter egg hunt.

Laurence says these are the things many people with GEDs had trouble with in high school. For whatever reasons, they didn't make it in the structured environment of the classroom. And, as a group, they are more likely to fail within the structured environment of the military.

Two sisters are tempted by strange fruit.

Jenny’s friend Gina is able to show a professor of hypnosis a thing or two.

The speaker is Ron Harris, an organizer for ONE DC, a community group that advocates for health care, housing and jobs for the city's low-income residents. He's got a baseball cap on and a clipboard in his hand.

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One of the most important things to remember, says the session leader, is that "persistence breaks down resistance." He has it written on one of his PowerPoint slides. The slide also says, "Recognize your deficiencies and increase your strengths!" Another slide says: "Success is a Choice, Not a Chance."

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A Harmless Adventure trip of hiking, climbing and drinking in Mexico right? WRONG, Amy and her 9 beautiful friends find themselves trapped in the wilderness with no way out. Can they escape the clutches of a powerful Latina Mistress?

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Ben feels his girlfriend slipping away and tries an applied psychology experiment with subliminal messages on music tapes. He soon has Beth eating out of his pants with her mother, Barbara, close behind.

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He lets them know about services offered at the unemployment office: a resume-writing workshop; a workshop on successful interviewing; a computer skills class. He also tells them about some job-training programs, and reminds them they must bring proof that they have a high school diploma or a GED.

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Parker smiles at her reassuringly. "Now, once you receive your GED, you can come back here and we can assist you with your occupational skills," she says.