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DOC uses a carrot and stick approach. Prisoners can earn a small reduction in their sentence for every month that they follow the dictates of the Facility Risk Management Team (FRMT), which is a group comprised of the prisoner’s counselor and other unit staff, and outlines the programs the prisoner must complete in order to receive this “earned time.” This is the carrot. The stick involves disciplinary sanctions for refusing to abide by the expectations established by the FRMT. Enough of these, and the prisoner will be transferred to ever more secure facilities until, in the end, he is confined in long-term administrative segregation.

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The inmates of a prison might be either pre-trail detainees or convicted/sentenced offenders. Irrespective of the type of offence and length of punishment, inmates are accommodated almost alike. Consequently, when the problem of overcrowding arises, it is likely to affect all the inmates more or less in the same manner. Overcrowding will result in serious repercussions which adversely affect the smooth running of the correction centres and the very purpose of judiciary. According to an earlier research in the area, three effects have been identified owing to overcrowding (John Howard Society of Alberta 2002).

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As detailed in , back in 1955 the national prison population was just over 185,000, with about 20,000 in federal prison and the other 165,000 in state prisons. In 1985, the national prison population was just over 465,000, with nearly 30,000 in federal prison and the other 435,000 in state prisons. And as detailed, at the end of 2015, the national prison population was just over 1,525,000, with nearly 200,000 in federal prison and the other 1,325,000 in state prisons. (There has been significant growth in the US population over the last 60 years, so the US incarceration rate has not increased quite as much as total incarceration levels.) Of course, the Justice Department policies and practices along with changes in state policies and practices in the 1980s played a significant role in the increase in prison populations, and that is the foundation for the considerable hand-wringing about a return to 1980s-era criminal justice thinking.

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Without commenting on which decade AG Sessions wants us to be living in, I just thought all this critical discussion of earlier eras provided an appropriate moment to remind everyone how much less the US relied on imprisonment in the 1950s and even the 1980s.

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