Scope: 2 reviews for Essays of 1 School

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Scope: 1 review for Essays of 1 School

Scope: Brainstorming call + Review and editing of Essays for 1 school + Recommendation review for 1 school + CV review.
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Please Note:– If searching for phrases such as the got you to this site, we should clarify that we will not write the essays/SoP/recommendations for you. We will work together to ensure that you put in the strongest application. But it has to be work, your stories, your goals. – The scope of the work does not include help with finances, visa, or anything that hasn’t specifically been included here.– All packages should be used within the same application season based on mutually agreed timelines. Our usual turnaround time for essay reviews is 2-3 days. If you aren’t able to send back the updated drafts quickly, we may not be able to complete the scope you signed up for.

To sum it up in one word ... Excellent!!!
I chose UK Essays after a LOT of research because it is difficult to trust reviews with all the competitors bad mouthing each other with fake reviews or companies posting fake reviews about themselves.
UK Essays has excellent customer service, timely delivery and will meet all your requirements. Their website is easy to navigate and you know what is going on with your order.At first I was weary because of bad reviews, but they are not true at all! I mentioned this to the staff when placing an order and I was told that a lot of competitors post fake reviews about them, but they never "fight back" as it is unethical.

I couldn't work out how to do half stars! But I would have put it as 4 and a half, my work was way better than I expected! :) Delivered on time and the staff were all so nice and friendly, the only one bad thing i could say which isn't really that bad is that during the busy period it took a day and a half to find a writer, but they did tell me that during busy periods it can take longer! I am just trying to leave a fair review!

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