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"A DEMOCRATIC FEDERALIST," appeared in "the PennsylvaniaPacket," October 23, 1787; the following portion of #29, & #30 are excerpted from "The Address And Reasons Of Dissent Of The Minority Of The Convention Of The State Of Pennsylvania To Their Constituents," December 12, 1787.

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Brutus The series of anti. Constituting America. John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison written for the Federalist newspaper. Our website offers a wealth of resources for students. SparkNotes The Federalist Papers. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the. The Federalist was a series of sixteen essays published in the New York. Bring the Constitution to life in your classroom with resources and study materials from.

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Read Gordon Lloyd’s introduction to the Federalists who supported the Constitution as well as his essential Federalists.

The advocates for the Constitution, have always assumed an advantage bysaying, that their opposers have never offered any plan as a substitute; thefollowing outlines are therefore submitted, not as originating from anindividual, but as copied from former resolutions of Congress, and united withsome parts of the Constitution proposed by the respectable convention. Thisbeing the case, I presume it will not be invalidated by the cant term ofantifederalism.

Vol 1: The Federalist, a collection of essays written in favor of the new Constitution, as agreed upon by the Federal Convention, Sept

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The view of the anti-federalists were obviously different. They believed that the power given to the congress was not safe since it put them too much in control. Hence they created the Bill of Rights to "establish justice, ensure domestic tranquillity and provide for the common defense..." The anti-federalists feared that the actual people would not be fairly represented by their new government since they would have the power to get rid of the individual rights of the people. The Bill of Rights claims it is for and by the people. Especially since America is so large, it does not ensure everyone's opinion would be heard. Many people did not like the idea of having representatives from each state because one man can not bring forth many different opinions. Anti-federalists believe that liberty only is present when there are few people and they can actually get their voice projected. In a large population, like America, the citizens do not get individual freedom and are deprived of their rights.

The Federalist Papers are a series of 85 essays arguing in support of the United States Constitution

Both groups, the federalist and anti-federalists recognized the fact that power was being abused. They witnessed what had happened in the war and that their had been negative effects of power and the result was very clear. British vocation had made them very aware of the threat of corruption. Therefore, they wanted to make a government that would ensure the duration of an just republic. The federalists exclaimed that the constitution was the only way they could reach this goal of a just society. As James Wilson had said, the constitution would not give all the power to the legislature unless it was legally written down to ensure power was not mistreated. In the constitution, it does allow congress to make laws that help out the government in the area of execution of foreign powers.