Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

In the yellow box, the change from 2000 to June of 2012 is emphasized by the thick blue line to indicate the halting trend as an effect of the multi-decadal oscillation. Above the yellow box is shown a detailed version of this data. Based on the above synthesis, it may be suggested that the present halt to global warming is due to the fact that multi-decadal oscillation has overwhelmed the prior, near linear (LIA recovery) increase. Indeed, such a trend is similar to those after 1880 and 1940, when temperature actually decreased toward 1910 and 1970, respectively (particularly in light of the fact that CO2 had begun to increase rapidly after 1946). It may be noted, however, that Levitus et al. (2012) showed a continuous increase of the world ocean heat content after 2000, although the rate of increase seems to decrease after 2004; on the other hand, the result by Pielke (2008) does not seem to show such an increase after 2000.

Global warming refers to extreme changes in the Earth s climate.

"A very strong El Niño like the one in 1997/98 is capable of temporarily raising global surface temperatures more than 0.4 deg C (about 0.7 deg F) over a 12-month period, and for some reason, many climate scientists claim such an event has no long-term aftereffects. This means those scientists have failed to account for the warm water that is redistributed after a strong El Niño and for the effects those leftover warm waters have on global climate."

Not everybody agrees that global warming is happening.

Lupo, Anthony. Anthropogenic Global Warming: A Skeptical Point of View. Missouri Medicine.

"The claim that the Medieval Warm Period or Little Ice Age were only regional in extent is countered with considerable published evidence to the contrary. Besides... why is it that the pundits who claim these historic events were only regional in extent are the same people who place global significance on a U.S. drought or a heat wave in France? Hmmm?

Global Warming

Did you know that it has been so warm lately that settlements in Greenland that have been frozen for eight centuries are starting to be uncovered? Imagine if the warming gets worse. Will we be back in the cycle to 11th century weather? Global Warming is a very complex problem — but one solution is for the world community to lobby China and India to stop burning dirty coal, and emitting methane from rice paddies. Canada should raise the price of gas to $2.00 a litre and give a corresponding tax break to people who earn less than $30,000. If Canada follows the Kyoto Accord we’ll just be shipping jobs over to China — and they’ll have no problem burning more coal.

Problem and Solution: Global Warming - Abu Dhabi …

So the next question is, do we need to wait for the future before we can have any faith in climate science? No - there are supporting pillars that are falsifiable. You can come up with plenty of null hypotheses: for example, the earth isn't warming. To turn that round, "The earth is warming" is entirely falsifiable, in principle. Same as the theory of relativity, it just hasn't been falsified - and likely won't be. Clearly, the null hypothesis - say, "the earth hasn't warmed since the 1950s" has been. How about "humans don't cause global warming?" Well, it would need breaking down a bit, but that's easy enough: "co2 doesn't cause atmospheric warming" and "humans aren't putting co2 into the atmosphere" are trivial to falsify.

Climate Change ("Global Warming"?) See this page in Red and Black: Climate Change

It’s getting clearer to me, and hopefully, to others that global warming isn’t a hoax or a future concern that we can resolve at our leisure. No, global warming isn’t good for any economy or any human.

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Franke – a wonderful and poignant story for one who grew up happily in the snows of Alberta’s mountains and now, living in the Bay Area of California, misses a real winter. An evocative rumination on something that is part of the essence of being a Canadian, which can be seen from a new angle once one has moved away. Many of us love the beauty of snow and the games of winter weather, but who doesn’t tire quickly of the drive to work in ice and sleet side of the season? It seems we love snow, but want to love it on our own terms. And this year, the old Mother Nature has pulled a fast one – as mentioned above, California has had its lemons, oranges and avocados frozen to a fare-thee-well this year. The so-called global warming is creating a lot of hardship amongst small and large fruit farmers. The weather it is a changing, but it is not clear which way the wind will blow. Remember to send us some pineapples from the soon-to-appear orchards of the Don River Valley, if this year’s change becomes a pattern.